Do You Have Problems With Drugs & Alcohol?

online drug and alcohol course

In most cases, people with issues would be able to admit that, yes, they have a problem with the bottle. Or yes, they have a problem with drugs. But is it still rare or unusual for folks today to be experiencing problems of abuse or over-dependence with both drugs and alcohol. The proof is already in the pudding. Medical stats bear this out. There are a growing number of people having difficulties coping with their dependence on both alcohol and drugs. Fortunately, substance abuse and dependence can be conquered.

There are many solutions. Of course, not all of them work. It requires all possible physical and mental strength to get through the teething stages of being off both the bottle and the pill. It is not possible to get through this difficult but positive change alone. It is advised that group therapy be considered if there is an unwillingness or inability to partake in professional one on one counseling work.

There are those who wish to forgo all such conventional help for the time being. Perhaps they are just not ready to be able to deal with people on the personal level, revealing to all and sundry all secrets associated with their addiction to drugs and alcohol. If not an inherent addiction, a weak, emotional and physical dependence then. Men and women not ready for group therapy and interpersonal interactions can take part in an online drug and alcohol course in the meantime.

Instead of personal counseling, there will be reading matters. But will such matters be attended to diligently? It should be borne in mind that personal contact remains inevitable. It is part of the recovery and healing process. But going online; at least it is a start.