Do You Need to go to an Emergency Dentist?

An emergency dentist is a dentist who provides services on a 24-hour basis, unlike traditional dentists who wok the traditional 9 to 5 schedule. While most dental issues can wait until these hours to see a dentist, sometimes there are emergencies that require the expertise of a dentist right then and there. When you visit an emergency dentist, it means that you cannot ignore the pain or problems until normal business hours.

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Do You Have a Dental Emergency?

It is not always easy to determine if the problems you experience qualify as an emergency but you certainly want to take action if you have an obvious emergency, such as pain that will not subside or a tooth that’s been knocked out. If your mouth/teeth are bleeding or you have other problems that you cannot determine if is an emergency, listen to your instincts. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.

Broken crowns, uncontrollable bleeding, and at-risk teeth all need the emergency dentist columbus ohio at once. If your tooth/teeth have been knocked out of socket, if a tooth is cracked, loose or broken, or if you notice painful swelling, these are also emergencies and need the care that the dentist provides at once. The emergency dentist is there day in and day out, even on weekends and holiday.

What to do in an Emergency Dental Situation

Some dentists are in office waiting for your arrival; some come on an as-needed basis. As such, it is important to call you dentist prior to visiting the office after normal business hours. You can make an appointment at this time or will have the instructions for the steps to take next to get that care. Insurance is accepted for emergency dental services, as well as cash and credit/debit cards. Remember, payment is expected at the time services are rendered and may be costlier than services during normal business hours.