Online Courses To Spare You But Teach You

If you are feeling humiliated and dejected at this time, it might well be one of your earliest lessons. These are consequences for taking your inability to manage your anger a step too far. Even when you came to blows, you had seemingly not learnt your lesson. You were clouded with red-hot anger and failed to notice just how much you had hurt the other person. Even if there were no physical blows, you still hurt that person. 

You hurt her with your words. And you thought you got away with it. You may have got away with murder. The longer your anger was allowed to boil over into physical confrontations, the worse it became for you. Until that fateful day when the victim of your anger went and did the right thing. He laid the charges and it was not long before your fingers were stained with ink. Another humiliating experience for you as the law enforcement officer took your prints.

Standing before the presiding judge was another humiliating occasion in your life. Fortunately for you, he was a wise man with compassion to spare. Instead of sentencing you to incarceration, he declared that you should go in for mandatory online anger management courses instead of having to attend group therapy sessions. You are lucky. You have been spared the humiliation of being viewed by others.

online anger management courses

The online forum is discretionary and private. No-one needs to know what you are now going through. A great sense of relief could easily get in your way too. Will you still learn your lesson from this kind of fairness and kindness that has been meted out to you? Take what you learn from these courses and use it to become a better person.